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See How Mortgage Marvel Compares to the Competition

Attribute Mortgage Marvel Bank Rate Zillow Lending Tree
Closing Fee Guarantee (details) NO NO NO
Privacy and anonymity completely protected by providing rate quotes without any personal information NO
Immediate, real-time rate quotes NO
Personalized pricing based on all applicable factors No cash out refi's; No property type or occupancy factors NO No cash out refi's; No occupancy; Only accept credit score descriptions; cannot provide exact pricing
Ability to estimate credit score anonymously NO NO
Itemized closing fees NO Unknown, likely varies by lender
All closing fees disclosed Only fees in APR, which is a portion of the total closing fees Typically only points and origination fees; sometimes credit and appraisal fees Unknown, likely varies by lender
Ability to anonymously compare up to four loans side by side NO NO NO
Compare multiple products in a single search NO NO
Ability to use filters to narrow the number and types of loans you wish to consider Products and points only NO
Rates retrieved directly from the lender's product and pricing data NO NO
Rate quotes are primarily from regulated banks and credit unions NO NO
Consistent online application experience offered by all lenders NO NO NO
Consumer control in lender selection NO
Proactive lender outreach to consumer upon request NO NO NO
Lender comments/descriptions NO NO
Contact by phone and email options Inconsistent
Ability to request an email contact when a rate reaches a level specified by you NO NO
Rich, accurate, proprietary information about mortgage rate trends NO
Rate trends calculated with zero points or as APR to simplify comparisons NO Unclear, but unlikely NO
Calculators and other tools to help make mortgage decisions
Industry news from third-party sources NO NO
Free from paid advertising clutter NO NO NO