Mortgage Marvel knows that home ownership has long been part of the American Dream. While buying a home is exciting, the process is also filled with risks that may prove to be costly when not properly assessed at the outset of the process. Prior to buying a home, individuals must take the time to build a healthy credit history, save up a sizable down payment and plan accordingly to minimize any potential liability.

Crunching the numbers is important for any mortgage transaction as each home loan varies based on the wants, needs and financial standing of an applicant. Using the right mortgage calculator to do the math is the best way to ensure that buying a home is a smart move and mitigate any associated risks. Once a mortgage shopper loads the appropriate figures into a mortgage calculator, the delivered results will simplify the math and provide significant insights to the decision making process.

As a Mortgage rate origination tool, Mortgage Marvel has a large assortment of loan calculators for consumers grappling with the decision of buying a home now or later, refinancing an existing home loan or determining what type of home mortgage would best suit their needs. Mortgage Marvel's assortment of mortgages calculators includes:

All of Mortgage Marvel's loan calculators are easy to use, provide accurate results, and use the technology relied on by mortgage lenders across the nation. By using the free online mortgage calculator tools provided by Mortgage Marvel, individuals are positioned to make the best decision based on their personal home buying and financing scenarios. Mortgage Marvel's mortgage calculators help streamline the process.

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Mortgage Qualifier

Have a house in mind? Use this calculator to determine if you can afford the house you have your eyes on. Use calculator

Maximum Mortgage Calculator

This calculator gives you an estimate of the loan amount you can afford at different interest rates. Use calculator


Use this calculator to determine your monthly payment, including principal, interest, taxes and insurance (PITI). Use calculator

Adjustable Rate

Looking for an Adjustable Rate Mortgage? Use this calculator to estimate what your monthly mortgage payments will be. Use calculator


This calculator can help you determine if a Balloon mortgage fits your financial situation. Use calculator

Adjustable Vs. Fixed Rate

Use this calculator to compare monthly payments of an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) with a more traditional fixed rate mortgage. Use calculator

Fixed Rate Vs. Interest Only

This calculator will help you compare a fixed rate mortgage with principal and interest payments to one with interest only payments. Use calculator

Refinance Breakeven

Looking to refinance? Use this calculator to help you determine how long it will take to break even on the closing fees. Use calculator

Rent Vs. Buy

Use this calculator to help you determine if it is better to buy a home or continue to rent by analyzing costs and tax savings. Use calculator

15 Vs. 30-Year

This calculator compares a 15-year mortgage with a 30-year mortgage to help you determine which term is better for your situation. Use calculator