Mortgage shoppers looking for in-depth mortgage, home loan or refinance information and the industry's best rates can count on Mortgage Marvel to assist. Mortgage Marvel is the industry's premier mortgage rate origination tool used by more than 200 lenders to deliver accurate and up-to-date mortgage rate and fee information to consumers. Here is what you need to know about us.
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Who We Are

Simple. Accurate. Incognito.

Mortgage Marvel is an online mortgage-shopping website that delivers real-time quotes from multiple lenders—in complete privacy. It enables you to get quotes quickly by entering only three pieces of non-private information (this requires a few assumptions, which are listed at the top of the results page). In just seconds, Mortgage Marvel displays free, accurate, up-to-date mortgage rate and fee quotes from multiple lenders in an easy-to-understand table.

Compare and sort the results based on what's most important to you—interest rate, APR, discount points, closing costs, or monthly payment. And you can refine your search with the Advanced Quote feature—still without providing any personal information.

You may wonder how Mortgage Marvel can provide accurate mortgage quotes without knowing anything about you. The reality is that while your credit score and the details of your transaction can be factors in mortgage pricing, you don't need to provide personal information to gauge the impact of those factors on your pricing. Whether you know your credit score or just use our default credit score value, you can compare mortgage pricing anonymously and free. Of course, if you get your credit score from one of our third-party providers, you will need to give them your personal information so that they can access your credit report. Whatever you choose, the pricing presented through Mortgage Marvel's Advanced Quote accounts for all risk based pricing adjustments—like credit score, loan amount, loan-to-value ratio, loan purpose, property type, and occupancy.

Mortgage Marvel puts you in complete control. Use Mortgage Marvel to compare rates, fees, and disclosures. Then when you're ready, you can select the lender of your choice, complete a simple, secure online mortgage application, and in less than 20 minutes you can be approved for a loan.

Mortgage Marvel Closing Fee Guarantee

In addition to providing a safe and easy way to shop for your mortgage we think it is important that what you see on should be what you get. In fact, we are so confident in the accuracy of our closing fees that we guarantee your actual out-of-pocket costs paid at closing will not exceed the fees disclosed on by more than $50, or we will refund the difference plus $500. *Additional terms apply, click here for more details.

Why should you trust Mortgage Marvel?

Mortgage Marvel is operated by Mortgagebot, an Inc. 5000 company that is the mortgage industry's leading provider of integrated point‑of‑sale solutions for banks, savings institutions, and credit unions. The rate and fee quotes you get through Mortgage Marvel are always accurate and current because Mortgage Marvel is directly connected to the same mortgage rate, fee, and product databases that Mortgagebot maintains for its more than 1,000 mortgage-lending clients from coast to coast.

This unique, real-time integration enables Mortgage Marvel to always deliver accurate mortgage quotes. And when you're ready to apply for a loan, what you get when you go to the lender's Web site will be exactly what you saw on the Mortgage Marvel Web site—it's the real deal. Mortgage Marvel simplifies the shopping process and provides accurate and complete disclosures, so you can truly compare apples to apples and make an informed decision.

You can trust Mortgage Marvel to provide the accurate information you need to select the mortgage that's right for you.

About Mortgagebot

Mortgagebot LLC (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Davis + Henderson Corporation, is the industry-leading, Inc. 5000 company that provides the award-winning PowerSite family of integrated point‑of‑sale (IPOS) solutions for automating the application, pricing, approval, and disclosure process through every mortgage channel: Web site, branch, call center, or loan officer. Mortgagebot blends deep mortgage experience with innovative "cloud computing" technology to create scalable and affordable Web sites for over 1,000 banks and credit unions nationwide. Lenders large and small view PowerSite as a "must-have" solution because it helps them deliver a superior borrower experience, increase volume, and compete more effectively. In addition, PowerSite is flexible and easy to use, with a rapid and proven implementation process.